AAA BestWater offers a complete line of PureWaterCoolers that deliver a continuous supply of clean, filtered, great tasting water from the city water source available at your home or office. Our point-of-use water dispensers are designed to use that source which is already in place and paid for, without creating a second costly pipeline of trucks for bottled water.


  • Reverse Osmosis Purification
  • Carbon Filter Purification
  • UV Purification Option
  • No Filtration/Purification

Why bottle-less?

Traditionally, commercial customers have used bottled water coolers in waiting rooms for patrons and in lounges for employees. But those proverbial in-office “water cooler conversations” usually come with a price.

For small businesses, the variable cost of purchasing 5-gal containers of bottled water can add up to almost hundreds of dollars per month when you consider that these employers typically consume roughly four bottles a week. Larger businesses, on the other hand, can spend thousands of dollars per month on delivered bottles.

Bottle-less water coolers offer many advantages for your customers, such as:

Unlimited drinking water. Having a bottle-less cooler is like having a mini water plant inside your customer’s office with endless quality drinking water literally on tap. There is no worry that your clients will run out of their drinking water supply, whereas a 10-employee business could easily drink 30 gal of bottled water every month. Rationing and running out of bottled water are common occurrences in small businesses today, requiring additional resources to take on the extra duty of bottled water inventory management.

More economical. No deliveries or bottle clutter. Because the water comes directly from a building’s existing water source and is automatically filtered for drinking, there is no more heavy lifting, delivery or storage of 5-gal bottles, which weigh 42 lb each. Most bottles do not have handles, and, if they do, are difficult to lift from the floor to the cooler, which can contribute to the risk of injury.

Low maintenance. Because deliveries of bottled water are eliminated, companies have no inventory or delivery receipts to manage. Bottle-less coolers only require an annual maintenance check and filter replacement, so they are easier to maintain with minimal service calls.

Better for the environment. Reducing plastic bottle waste by not using large multigallon containers shrinks your customer’s environmental footprint. Without emissions from large diesel-burning trucks required to deliver bottled water, the benefits of “green” multiply.