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Water Purification Systems & Water Softener Installation Experts

AAA BestWater is a company with over three decades of experience in water softener installations for residential and commercial customers in Oahu.

In 1983, it was reported that the wells servicing most of Oahu's public water supplies were contaminated with four volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This was causing moderate to severe hardness of the local water supply, resulting in scaling and damage to storage tanks, pipes and solar installations.

Water that has been softened and purified is healthier for drinking, food preparation and washing and is less abrasive for skin, hair, and clothing. Softer water saves you money and extends the life of your appliances. And the best part is that it tastes better, too.

To date, we've sold and installed thousands of water purification systems in our more than 30 years in business and continue to deliver safer, purer water to customers throughout Oahu. Allow us to show you the benefits of safer, softer water.

When water is only slightly or moderately hard, many people are not as readily aware of it, but they suffer from its damaging effects nevertheless.When a switch is made to our water purification system, they immediately notice a positive improvement and difference in the taste. Our water softener installation service can significantly improve your water today.

Our water purification systems installations employ carbon because it's one of the most absorbent elements known to man. Just one pound of carbon has a surface area equivalent to approximately 125 acres and is capable of absorbing thousands of different chemical compounds.

Our reverse osmosis filtering can eliminate one of the most dangerous known contaminants of water: lead. Too much lead in the body can lead to nerve and muscle damage, problems with fertility and increased blood pressure. In children, it can cause brain damage and severe anemia. Don't risk drinking water that has not been purified to remove this harmful element.

AAA BestWater offers a complete line of PureWaterCoolers that will provide clean, great-tasting water from the official city water source enhanced by the additional processes of purification and softening.Our point-of-use water dispensers are designed to use that source which is already in place and paid for, without creating a second costly pipeline of trucks for bottled water.

If you're looking to get your company or office set up with clean and pure water look no further. AAA BestWater's water purification systems provide commercial customers with purer and safer water for their employees and operations. If you run a business, contact us today to see how simple and cost-effective our water purification systems installations are.

AAA BestWater not only offers water purification products, we can also repair and maintain your existing water system, so you can feel confident that its output is safe to drink and ideal for your uses.

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