As a continued source of pride for our business, our professionalism extends past the guarantee we place behind our work and on into our customer service and interactions with our valued clients. AAA BestWater has experienced, professional, licensed plumbing contractors. We have installed more systems than any other Oahu water treatment systems dealer.

 AAA BestWater Co. was founded in 1983 and to date has sold, installed, and serviced thousands of water softening and purification systems in Hawaii.  The company is owned by the Betsinger family; Tanner, Alison, Dennis, and Suzy.  Tanner and Alison are active duty military and have two young, active boys.  Dennis and Suzy Betsinger, (Tanner’s parents), are formerly of South Dakota and run day to day operations.  Dennis is a former plumber and business owner who has worked with many different water systems throughout his 40 years of experience. His unique ability to assess, diagnose, and build solutions to most any water issue is a definite asset to the company and our clients; both residential and commercial alike. Our Ohana is very appreciative of the opportunities and blessings we have received and believe in giving back to our community.


In 1978 the founder and previous owner of the company, was involved in both residential and commercial solar water heating systems and became aware of how hard water scaling was affecting the performance of the systems. Hard water was causing damage and premature failing of solar collector panels, storage tanks, and other components.  After testing the water in all areas of Oahu, he discovered that all the water supplies on Oahu were hard – ranging from slightly hard to very hard, and even slightly hard water could cause hard water scaling.  As he researched those problems, he discovered that hard water scaling had long been a concern of the water heating industry as a whole and the solar water heating industry in particular. Research done by the US Department of Energy confirmed the damaging effects of hard water scaling to solar water heating systems and determined that employing water softening was the most successful solution to the problem.


In 1983 it was reported on the news that Mililani wells were contaminated with four different Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), the first time any well contamination was revealed to the public. It was then that the company became a dealer to offer water treatment systems and filter equipment that could remove the known VOC’s from Oahu water and started the company that would become AAA BestWater. The company now has sold, installed and serviced thousands of water softening and purification systems in Hawaii. To learn more about Oahu water contamination history, effects of contaminants in water, as well as present day data for water in your areas, please click the link below.



The Betsinger Family

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